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shimmer song is the creation of San Francisco-based musician, composer and producer Peter Cole (thats me). I create many different types of music for film, web and multimedia. For my shimmer song project, I focus mostly on instrumental, piano-based music that moves between classical, Jazz, ambient soundscapes and World music - using both acoustic and electronica overtones; George Winston and Debussy meet Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel!

I love to collaborate with other musicians, artists, technologists, filmmakers, students. I engineer and produce music, video and multimedia in my own studio and I play multiple instruments (not all at once) in many styles. So please contact me if you want to work on a project together; use any of my compositions in your project(s); or if you want me to help compose a soundtrack for your next film ;-)

shimmer news

New CD: Can You Hear the Ocean?

Yay! It’s that time of the year for a new CD release. ‘Can You Hear the Ocean?’ combines melodic piano with acoustic guitar and strings, to create a colorful mix of melodic and ambient soundscapes that move between uplifting passionate pieces, and softer romantic compositions. I wrote and recorded this CD while living on the beach in Southern California over the summer and winter of 2013. Mia, my 2-year-old daughter, created the art for the cover of the CD! Visit CDBaby to listen and download the music!

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