shimmer song is the creation of San Francisco-based musician, composer and producer Peter Cole (that’s me). Ever since I made my first drum set out of coffee cans, when I was ten years old, I have loved to perform, compose and produce all styles of music: classical, punk, latin, world music, rock, jazz, electronic, new age, experimental/avant garde. I particularly enjoy combining these different styles to make something completely new.

My experiences with the many different genres has influenced each piece of music that I create. For my shimmer song project, I focus mostly on instrumental, piano based music that moves between neo classical and ambient  soundscapes, using both acoustic and electronic overtones. I like to experiment with musical ‘moods’ while playing with harmony, rhythm and tone. And I enjoy writing music for visuals (film, photography) and often visualize movement, scenes, characters and colors while I’m composing.

I currently produce bands, artists in my own studio and I have composed music for small films, web and other multimedia projects. All of my music is available for purchase as well as licensing. Please contact me for more information.

….from the top….

When I was around 10 or 11 years old I decided I wanted to “make a record like the Rolling Stones.” Unfortunately, I had no musical training or any instruments (not to mention my lack of recording gear as well). However, I didn’t let that stop me; I started making instruments out of things around the house: coffee cans, cardboard boxes, coat hangers, lamps, etc…and then I found a Radio Shack mono tape recorder and I was on my way to Rolling Stones territory.

Eventually I obtained some real instruments and I have been composing, performing and producing music, and other multimedia, ever since. I have played in rock bands, punk bands, big bands, orchestras, choirs, musicals, avant garde projects, and even Javanese gamelan. I have composed music for small films, web and other multimedia projects.

Currently, in addition to my music, I create multimedia, software and creative experiences that include video, interactivity and audio for the web, mobile devices, applications, outdoor displays and other digital mediums. For more information, please visit my digital media blog: Peter Cole blog.


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