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New Shimmer Song CD Released!

Shimmer Song: And the Moon Winked Back

It’s finally out: Shimmer Song’s sixth album, And the Moon Winked Back. The music on this album is an eclectic mix of melodic solo piano, ambient soundscapes and soft grooves that blend classical, jazz, Middle Eastern and electronica. There are some song samples available on the Music page, as well as on Jango Radio. The full CD is available for purchase at CD Baby. Check it out!

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New E.S. Posthumus Release

Was happy to see on the CDBaby home page the announcement of E.S. Posthumus’s new release. These guys are one of my all time favorites, and a huge inspiration. I’ve always enjoyed the way they bring together diverse musical styles, tones and rhythms, to create expansive and colorful “audio paintings” that are full of surprises. Mixing the “old” classical styles with modern electronic sounds.  I can’t wait to check out the full album. Great work.


Album Release: A Minor Waltz

Today I am releasing my new album, A Minor Waltz. I’ve been working on it for about 6-8 months (maybe longer, I can’t remember when I started). This album is mostly solo piano compositions with some string arrangements, synthesizers and samples in there for fun. The style of this album is more classical, song-driven, as opposed to soundscape, ambient, New Age style. I was inspired by the work of David Nevue (who I saw performed recently in the Bay Area), as well as Yann Tiersen. Please check it out on my Music page.