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New CD Coming Soon

I’m trying hard to finish the next Shimmer Song CD by Xmas. This one combines piano and classical acoustic guitar with some soundscape-style textures; I really like it. It’s almost done – stay tuned!

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Mp3 Player Up!

I think I finally worked out all the kinks in my homemade MP3 player. I built it in Flash with AS 3.0 and I hope to update the visualizer soon with something more cool. I also want to add a custom video player that can sync with the music in some way. In the meantime, please do check it out on my music page.

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Album Release: A Minor Waltz

Today I am releasing my new album, A Minor Waltz. I’ve been working on it for about 6-8 months (maybe longer, I can’t remember when I started). This album is mostly solo piano compositions with some string arrangements, synthesizers and samples in there for fun. The style of this album is more classical, song-driven, as opposed to soundscape, ambient, New Age style. I was inspired by the work of David Nevue (who I saw performed recently in the Bay Area), as well as Yann Tiersen. Please check it out on my Music page.