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Shimmer Song on Facebook!

Shimmer Song on Facebook! Shimmer Song now has an official Facebook page: I’ll be posting new music, videos and other updates. Please come “friend me!”

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Happy Holidays!

Sonia and I have been traveling in Northern California since Xmas day. Having just landed at an Internet Cafe in Guerneville, by the Russian River, I remembered that it’s time to wish everyone a happy holiday. Only a few more days left of 2010!

I’ve just finished recording and mixing a new Shimmer Song album. I still have a bit more mastering to complete and then it will be ready to go! Keep a look out for a CD release update in the next few days.


Shimmer Song on You License

I’m excited to have Shimmer Song music now available for licensing through An artist can upload music, tag it with descriptions so that people can find it (similar to Jango, Last.FM, etc.) What is cool is that the people who visit are looking for music that they can use in their projects: film, TV, web, multimedia, etc. Artists can set up their own licensing agreement and interested parties can make offers through the website. What a great idea for a site!

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Shimmer Song on Jango Radio!

Shimmer Song is now getting played on Jango online radio. They have a very cool system for artists where we can create musical targets that put our songs in the same channels (stations) and playlists as famous artist with similar styles. For example, I can group Shimmer Song with Philip Glass, George Winston, Yanni, etc. This allows our music to get discovered by fans with similar tastes. As well, the Jango artist services allows me to see all the stats on how my music is performing. This information includes: which songs have played and even where my our “fans” located in the world. The stats also will show what other artists our fans are listening to (i.e. George Winston, Pink Floyd, etc). This information is super valuable for learning how to attract more fans and interest in my music. Please come check it out:


Berklee School of Music

I recently started something I’ve always wanted to do: the Film Composition program at Berklee School of Music. It’s an online program and I’m learning a lot of valuable stuff already. When you really study the details of a film score, you really notice the difference that music makes in a film; it’s amazing. Changing the music of a scene can completely change the entire feeling and emotion of the visuals.


Selling CDs Baby!

I’ve been on CDBaby for a while now, and have already sold some of my CD, A Minor Waltz. It’s been a lot of fun setting it all up, getting my very own barcode, seeing people buy the CD; now, if I can only figure out a way to sell a million of these things, then maybe I can retire and play music all day long!

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With help from my favorite web host, Media Temple, and my favorite blogging software, WordPress, I finally launched I’m still finishing up development on my custom MP3 and video player so that I can stream music straight from the Music page. Keep a look out.

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